Professional Services

Professional IT Services - Tampa, Largo, Lakeland

Roebuck Technologies’ team of senior technical consultants and engineers offers a broad spectrum of RTPro™ Professional Services.

Technology Assessment

The RTHealth™ Technology Assessment evaluates the stability and security of your entire network. We evaluate all systems, including but not limited to infrastructure, exchange servers, active directory, Citrix, and security assessments, utilizing our advanced non-invasive software tools and industry recognized best practices.

Solution Architecture

We combine a careful analysis of your existing IT infrastructure with business objectives to design successful technology solutions. Our architects and technical consultants create designs for large organizations as well as smaller firms.

Design and Implementation Services

Roebuck can provide staffing to design and implement solutions or assist with client-designed technology projects.

Virtualization Specialists

High availability, scalability, reduced costs, disaster recovery and business continuity are easily achieved with a properly designed virtualization infrastructure. Roebuck Technologies supports server, desktop (VDI) and application virtualization solutions from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.

Datacenter Design and Co-Location (Co-Lo) Migrations

Raised floors, fire suppression, security, connectivity redundancy, air filtration and cooling systems along with backup power generators comprise just some of the elements of a data center design or migration project provided by Roebuck Technologies.

Microsoft Specialists

Two key components to most technology infrastructures involve a Microsoft Active Directory and/or Exchange Server. Proper design and deployment of both database-driven technologies is critical, and Roebuck Technologies has the expertise to guide you through all the options to consider when deploying these platforms.

Project Management Services

Roebuck Technologies’ project management services are carefully planned and organized to accomplish technology objectives on time and within budget.

Staff Augmentation Services

Maximizing your organization’s available human resources by focusing energy on core competencies may be challenging with the constant introduction of new information technologies. Roebuck is your technical outsource partner, providing experienced and certified professionals for short- or long-term engagements to fill skill gaps or accomplish special projects that require high levels of technological expertise.

Special Projects or Custom Statements of Work Available

If you are looking for a service or have a project that does not the fit the profile of our existing services, please contact Roebuck Technologies for a customized statement of work. If we aren’t able to fulfill your requirements, we have strategic partners that we can utilize while still providing project management continuity.