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Empower hybrid teams with process automation

A hybrid work arrangement allows employees to divide time between in-office and remote locations, providing work-life balance that a majority of employees prefer. Many businesses that embraced this model during the pandemic expect hybrid work to continue in the long term.

UC cloud migration: Crucial tips to keep in mind

Moving unified communications (UC) systems to the cloud offers many significant benefits, including augmented security and scalability. However, if the migration is not planned carefully, there can be significant consequences for a business. In this blog post, we outline crucial tips for planning migration so that businesses can enjoy the benefits of UC in the […]

Effective ways of securely collecting customer data

For companies to succeed, they must be able to deliver value to their customers. This mission entails having a deep understanding of clients’ needs and interests, often by collecting and segmenting customer data. However, it is crucial to ensure compliance with data privacy laws to avoid fines and penalties as well as exposing clients to […]

How theft of service impacts business VoIP networks

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks are vulnerable to a wide range of scams and fraudulent activities, including theft of service. In this article, we discuss what theft of service is and how it impacts businesses’ VoIP networks. We also provide tips on how organizations can prevent or reduce the risks of this type of […]

4 VoIP services to help your business

More and more business owners are becoming aware of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and its advantages over conventional landlines. However, some have not adopted VoIP yet since they cannot determine the type of service that suits their business’s needs.

Choosing between Microsoft Teams and Google Meet

Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are two of the most popular online communication platforms today, thanks to their robust set of features that make staying connected with clients and colleagues easy and convenient. As the two tools are pretty much the same in terms of functionality, picking just one can be a challenge.