Talent Optimization

Transform your workforce into a competitive advantage by utilizing The Predictive Index


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Cost-effectively improve individual and organizational performance

Talent optimization uses people analytics to align talent strategy with business strategy – and drive results. This insight is especially useful to leaders and managers during times of uncertainty to successfully manage change.

If you’re concerned about the cost of a talent optimization solution, consider lost revenue from wrong hires, high turnover, ineffective operations, and more. Roebuck Technologies eases financial concerns with a variety of bundled options to remain within your reasonable budget.

Roebuck offers comprehensive talent optimization services with certified talent optimization consultants. You receive the data, expertise, and human capital to stay agile and achieve your strategic goals more effectively.

Hire, develop, and retain best-fit candidates, the first time

Talent management experts know that every stage of the employee life cycle is connected, so the first step is crucial. And each stage thereafter is prone to human biases that can lead to costly mistakes. Roebuck Technologies offers a proven methodology, The Predictive Index (PI), that allows businesses to understand behavior drivers in order to optimize talent strategy. Supporting organizations for over 65 years with more than 350 validity studies, The Predictive Index utilizes assessments and practices that comply with the American Psychological Association and Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology. PI is a tool built for business to help hire, manage, and develop high-performing employees and teams. The four modules are as follows:

  1. Behavioral assessments predict on-the-job success by comparing behavior drives of a candidate to the requirements of a specific job
  2. Cognitive assessments identify the likelihood of fit for a candidate to perform the minimum requirements of a desired role based on job complexity
  3. Strategy assessments help senior leadership teams collaborate to make informed decisions about talent optimization
  4. Employee experience surveys measure employee engagement and indicate emotional commitment to an organization and its goals
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Strategic Talent Management. PI-Certified Experts. Better Business Outcomes.

The certified talent management experts at Roebuck Technologies use data to achieve business goals
while generating tangible returns on investment in an organization's most valuable asset – people.

  • Design – create a talent strategy that aligns with business strategy
  • Hire – invest in candidates that have the best behavioral and cognitive fit
  • Inspire – manage and develop employees more effectively with insightful data
  • Diagnose – proactively create a more productive and engaged workforce

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