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Phishing Simulations and Training Overview


“90% of successful network breaches were caused by user error.”
— 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report

No matter your company's size, from startup to large enterprise, hackers will target your team members relentlessly with increasingly sophisticated tricks. Cybercriminals know that with a single successful phishing email, they could gain access to everything on your office network.

Hackers could aim for long-term network infiltration, attempt to scam the user and business out of data or money, or steal the user’s credentials to access different parts of the network. They could also try to turn an end user’s machine into a zombie as part of a botnet or spam relay, or to mine cryptocurrency. And these are just a few of the ways they can profit from stealing your business credentials.

Importance of Realistic Phishing Simulations

The growing threat of cyberattacks requires end users to participate in regular, consistent cyberawareness training. Empowering them is crucial so they can become your business’s first line of defense, not its weakest link.

Roebuck Technologies’ comprehensive phishing simulator launches randomized, realistic email tests that let you accurately monitor real-world user responses. We can then utilize the findings to tailor awareness programs based on your team’s needs.


Benefits of Conducting Regular Awareness Training:

  • Reduce risk of cyberthreats
  • Eliminate malware infections
  • Reduce help desk costs
  • Protect your business reputation

With ongoing, relevant phishing simulations and training campaigns, businesses can significantly reduce risks due to user error. Our cybersecurity training is engaging, interactive, and easy-to-consume to get users’ attention and achieve lasting results. When combined with Roebuck Technologies’ other security offerings, our phishing simulations ensure that people, processes, and technology are all integrated effectively to stop cybercriminals.


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