Hurricane Season’s Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Hurricane Season’s Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Hurricane season officially started in June and lasts through the end of November. It pays to be cautious and ensure your disaster recovery plan is comprehensive and functioning properly. If your business is in the southeastern U.S. or along the eastern seaboard, you can't afford not to hurricane-proof your disaster recovery plan.

In August 2020, NOAA updated its outlook for one of the most active seasonal forecasts in its 22-year history of predictions. NOAA expects 19 to 25 named storms (an average season produces 12), of which 7 to 11 could become hurricanes (with winds of 74 mph or higher). Of those, 3 to 6 are expected to become major hurricanes (category 3, 4 or 5 with winds of 111 mph or higher).

To be confident your data is secure and operations continue to run smoothly, here are six tips to protect your business during hurricane season.

Make Sure Backups Work

Perform an actual restore to verify everything you're counting on is in working order.

Check Your Cloud Restore

Make sure your cloud-restore and disaster recovery tools are up and running.

If You're Not In The Cloud

Perform an extra off-site backup to make sure nothing gets lost.

Keep Local Backups Safe

Ensure your local backups are secured in a high, dry place that keeps them away from floodwaters and unplugged from power sources.

Have a Recovery Plan

Decide which systems are most critical, determine your order of operations, and outline a restoration plan.

Ask for Help

Talk to your technology solution provider about their plans to back up your data, and communicate what data/applications are mission-critical (and should be considered for cloud storage) and which can be backed up locally. The professionals at Roebuck Technologies are here to help.


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