Why businesses need to prioritize having a disaster recovery strategy

Disasters can happen to any organization. A disaster could be anything from a natural catastrophe, like a hurricane or tornado, to a man-made disaster like a data breach. No matter the source, the result can be devastating to a business. It is crucial to have a defined disaster recovery strategy so that business can recover quickly and resume operations as soon as possible.

Empower hybrid teams with process automation

A hybrid work arrangement allows employees to divide time between in-office and remote locations, providing work-life balance that a majority of employees prefer. Many businesses that embraced this model during the pandemic expect hybrid work to continue in the long term.

Pandemic-era work practices that are here to stay

Many businesses adopted hybrid work arrangements in response to challenges presented by the pandemic. For many employees, the hybrid model of working remains ideal. Employees may not want to surrender the freedom of working part time at the office and part from home, and many do not expect to return to the office full-time.

Workplace trends in 2022

The modern workplace looks significantly different than it did two years ago, primarily because many companies implemented remote and hybrid work setups. Although business leaders and teams have become familiar with changes to the workplace, everyone needs to embrace upcoming trends and adjust to support individual needs for greater flexibility.

Business Cybersecurity Challenges in 2022

In 2022, businesses can expect more relentless and more frequent ransomware attacks as cybercriminals develop new ways of hacking into data systems. Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and expand. In addition to common virus and malware, companies need to bolster cyber defenses against a myriad of risks such as the ones described below.

How to optimize the hybrid work model

Many businesses that shifted to a work-from-home model during the COVID-19 pandemic are now trying to determine the best work model for the future. While employee productivity has been surprisingly high among remote workers, the need for in-person teamwork, customer interaction, and human bonding makes a return to the office both desirable and necessary for many companies.

Prioritize the security of business-critical applications

Some software applications are more critical to the function of a business than others. For example, if video conferencing via Zoom is not possible, alternatives such as RingCentral or Microsoft Teams can be utilized. However, some applications are critical tools that keep a company running – that keep the business in business.