COVID-19 cybersecurity framework: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

With Florida businesses topping the list as the second most likely at risk of cybercrime (just after California) and more employees working remotely in the wake of COVID-19, cybersecurity has become a high-priority investment.

Considering the wide range of practices, tools, and services available, how does one determine a quality security system?

The CIA principles of security — a model designed to help business owners form their policies around information security — provides useful guidance.

Help your remote workforce thrive

In this season of social distancing, many businesses are figuring out “on the fly” how to work from disparate remote locations. For businesses whose teams are working from home, providing the right support and tools to employees can significantly improve productivity.

Roebuck Technologies’ response to COVID-19

Roebuck Technologies continues to monitor developments surrounding COVID-19 to ensure the health and safety of our team members while mitigating business impacts for our clients and partners.

We are following best practices issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other governmental authorities.

Why small businesses should care about the dark web

Cybercrime is an ever-looming threat all businesses face, regardless of whether they are large-scale enterprises or mom-and-pop shops.

The cybercrime industry currently rakes in a conservative estimate of $1.5 trillion in annual revenue, with Florida ranking as one of the top 10 states with most incidents of identity theft and fraud.

Top technology priorities for 2020

New year, new tech plans. CIOs are now bracing themselves for the upcoming IT industry trends, developments, and concerns of 2020.

In today’s digitized landscape, not having a technology strategy can make your company lag behind. Technologies that streamline the consumer experience and allow faster product delivery are now available — all it takes is proper adoption, prioritization, and planning to get your business on board.

What to look for in a mobile device management solution

With cybercrime costing Florida businesses millions in losses and ranking the state among the top three most affected in the United States, companies must stay proactive in their security measures.

As the BYOD (bring your own device) workplace culture becomes more widely adopted, security measures have expanded beyond on-site infrastructure and now apply to workers’ smartphones, laptops, and tablets through mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Hurricane Season’s Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Hurricane season officially started in June and lasts through the end of November. It pays to be cautious and ensure your disaster recovery plan is comprehensive and functioning properly. If your business is in the southeastern U.S. or along the eastern seaboard, you can't afford not to hurricane-proof your disaster recovery plan.