Will your business benefit from mobile device management?

Will your business benefit from mobile device management?

BYOD (bring your own device) policies are widely embraced in the modern business world, with 59% of American organizations now on board with this thriving culture. Allowing personal devices at work has proven to reap large financial savings, a happier workplace, and higher worker productivity. Currently, BYOD generates around $350 of annual value per employee, with adoptive workers reported to work an extra two hours per workday.

Despite the advantages, however, managers must address security issues surrounding BYOD. With team members bringing their own devices to work, establishing proper regulations can ensure the protection of accessed corporate and client data.

This is where mobile device management (MDM) comes into play.

MDM allows the centralized management and security of sensitive company data, offering tools that supervise and maintain all connected mobile devices.

Below, we explore the primary benefits of MDM, and how it helps boost security and efficiency in the workplace.

Grants remote controls

Remote management of devices is a major benefit of MDM, allowing IT managers to easily administer or configure all connected devices as necessary. These controls provide a thorough overview of all mobile devices and their users in the workplace, helping you maintain security, technical health, and proper authorization without infringing on employee privacy.

Remote tools also allow your support team to bar, disable, or remove any unapproved apps or users, keeping your data secure at all times (such as when employees leave). Some remote functions may even have the ability to track device location in case of loss.

Bolsters data security

The primary purpose of MDM is to enhance corporate data security on mobile devices. These platforms often provide tools that ensure your systems are updated and patched to thwart identified vulnerabilities as well as new security threats. Additionally, such changes are centrally controlled and audited to ensure data protection and government compliance.

MDM software also allows IT support to separate one’s personal information from corporate data on their device, typically through encryption. Additionally, should a device get lost or stolen, any sensitive information can be wiped remotely (and selectively, without harming the employee's personal data).

Supports BYOD policies

As mentioned, BYOD workplaces are a rising trend in modern business, resulting in cost savings, greater productivity, and higher satisfaction among employees.

However, employees bringing in their own tablets, smartphones, and laptops will require proper, centralized management of such devices — especially when they’re granted 24/7 access to company data.

MDM offers a central platform of tools that allows your support team to apply security controls and configurations to all employee devices while still reaping the benefit of reduced equipment costs.

Easily backs up and restores data

With devices monitored by an MDM program, any data connected to a corporate application can be backed up automatically in accordance with a business’s traditional backup policies. This feature further ensures the protection of company data, preventing one mobile device from being a point of information loss (in the case of device theft, loss, or damage).

Reduced costs

Having a BYOD culture that’s supported by MDM solutions allows your business to save on device expenses, as your employees are responsible for bringing their own equipment. This freedom additionally results in happier, more productive workers, as they’re able to work with the operating systems and software with which they feel most comfortable. Your workplace may even end up with the latest and greatest technology as employees upgrade their devices for the newest versions on the market.

With an MDM’s intensive security controls, your company saves on the hefty costs associated with malware, data breaches, and potential damage to brand reputation. The ability to monitor employee mobile usage also helps you identify any costly (financial and time-related) behaviors, helping you alleviate them when necessary.

Regulatory compliance

Finally, having a quality MDM solution ensures all connected devices adhere to compliance standards. A workplace of unregulated devices with access to company data runs the risk of compromising security protocols and unauthorized activity.

With MDM tracking tools to monitor all employee devices, both managers and IT support can maintain compliance initiatives within their organization, ensuring everything is working within legal requirements. The centralized console provided by MDMs also helps manage a large number of devices on one single platform.

Embrace BYOD with your ideal MDM solution!

Keep company information in the right hands while reaping the benefits of BYOD by using quality MDM tools. Roebuck Technologies provides businesses with proactive MDM solutions through their managed IT services, ensuring continuous remote monitoring, management, and automated backups on all employee devices. Give us a call today.

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