What to look for in a mobile device management solution

What to look for in a mobile device management solution

With cybercrime costing Florida businesses millions in losses and ranking the state among the top three most affected in the United States, companies must stay proactive in their security measures.

As the BYOD (bring your own device) workplace culture becomes more widely adopted, security measures have expanded beyond on-site infrastructure and now apply to workers’ smartphones, laptops, and tablets through mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

MDM solutions are comprised of various tools and technology that ensure the security of data on your team's mobile devices. As employees use their personal gadgets to access sensitive corporate data, precautions are required to prevent the threat of cyberattacks.

Below, we explore the essential features to consider when choosing the ideal MDM for your business.

Security features

The prime objective of MDM is to ensure data security, so make security features your utmost priority when choosing a solution for your business.

A quality MDM solution allows you to remotely lock, reset, or wipe mobile devices in case they get lost or stolen. Some systems may even allow remote data recovery. Additionally, you’ll want a solution that provides detailed web management with tools such as URL blocking. URL blocking ensures that all connected devices with sensitive company data are kept away from potentially risky online sources.

Other security features to look out for include data encryption, access monitoring, and security configuration tools.

Over-the-air distribution

Over-the-air (OTA) distribution refers to an MDM’s ability to wirelessly send software or OS updates to all connected devices. These methods are commonly used among wireless mobile carriers and mobile operating systems to send OS and app updates to the end user’s phone.

An MDM’s OTA allows your IT department to remotely configure multiple devices, letting them implement new software and provide mobile updates. OTA also allows one to wirelessly lock, wipe (selectively or completely), troubleshoot, and even retire a connected device.

Multi-OS support

Having employees be comfortable and familiar with their devices allows for maximum productivity, especially when employing a BYOD platform. Ensuring your MDM solution supports multiple operating systems will prevent compatibility issues, as users often have different preferences among systems and devices.

Multi-OS support thus creates a more flexible platform, helping your employees achieve their best performance with a mobile system that suits them best.

Access control

Access control is an essential security feature when choosing an MDM solution. Since employees will be using their devices to access company data, you’ll want to ensure such entry is exclusive to them. Authentication measures confirm the user's identity and authorization to access company data.

Some MDM solutions offer “privilege management,” which allows admins to assign access according to the user. As some may require more access to data than others, this feature helps makes sure the right workers are provided entry to the right data.

Location tracking

Another remote feature of a quality MDM is the ability to track mobile device locations. Tracking comes in handy in the case of lost devices and is especially helpful for those carrying sensitive company data. GPS tracking helps users recover a misplaced device as safely and as quickly as possible and helps managers ensure that employees hold on to their devices when they leave the workplace.

Some MDM solutions may even keep a record of a device’s location history. This information typically requires authentication to access as well as the option to securely delete the data when it is no longer necessary.


Finally, the ability to accommodate new devices under your MDM is critical to the growth of your company. As new members join your team, they’ll need to be integrated and updated on your mobile device culture — a process you’ll want to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The best MDM solutions providers are able to expand or downscale their offerings according to your company needs, often starting you off with a small subset before offering more enterprise-level implementation.

As BYOD policies become ever more commonplace, the proper MDM tools are required to ensure quality protection of business data. Roebuck Technologies offers Florida-based businesses and those throughout North America with comprehensive MDM solutions as part of their managed IT services, providing simple, thorough security for your employees’ mobile devices. Keep your data in good hands. Inquire about our options today.

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Doug Coleman

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