How behavioral assessments enhance the hiring process

For a business to be successful, hiring and maintaining the right team of people is crucial. No matter the business model and physical or intellectual assets, it is people who turn ideas into action.

Individuals with the right skills and capabilities to perform necessary roles are needed to fill gaps in an organization and achieve scale in corporate strategy.

What business owners need to know about talent optimization

Business leaders often devote countless hours to developing strategies and acquiring resources to achieve desired business outcomes. While the steps involved in creating business processes and selecting effective technology are vital to achieve company goals, people ultimately deploy the resources and execute the plans.

How does AI enhance cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity continues to be a major concern for businesses that rely on digital assets and resources to function. The Internet is filled with potential threats, such as hackers or corporate spies, that can severely impact operational excellence and financial results.

Empower employees to strengthen cyber defenses

When discussing the cause of cybercrime, we typically think of infiltration by external intruders — criminal hackers seeking to steal, compromise, or hold for ransom important business data.

Concern over external hackers is well founded, as new malware samples are created by the day (reaching 38.48 million new samples in April 2020), and new attacks occur at a rate of one every 39 seconds.

How businesses are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present all industries with unprecedented challenges. Strict social distancing guidelines persistently disrupt the daily operations of companies throughout the United States, resulting in decreased business revenue as well as employment disruption for millions of people.

How to leverage technology to re-open and rebuild business

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses of all sizes to temporarily close or operate from remote locations, which has significantly impacted the nation’s economy. Across the country, businesses have started to reopen with a variety of different restrictions in place, depending on physical location and industry served.

Elements of a successful digital workspace

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way many businesses function. Due to social distancing guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), people across the country are working from home. Thanks to high-speed internet and Cloud technology, many businesses can remain operational and productive by creating a digital workspace.