Will the Shortage in Cybersecurity Professionals Impact Your Business?

Will the Shortage in Cybersecurity Professionals Impact Your Business?

Cybersecurity concerns affect nearly everyone in an organization. A company’s team members, as well as external clients, are connected through technology, and protecting systems and data from cyberattack becomes increasingly difficult and complex. At the same time, a shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals continues to grow. According to a recent Cybersecurity Workforce Study, there are about 500,000 vacancies in cybersecurity positions in North America alone – the shortage is nearly 3 million worldwide. This gap leaves many organizations defenseless against cyberattacks and breaches and may be even more problematic for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with fewer resources.

Cybersecurity Shortage Is a Long-Term Issue

 The Cybersecurity Workforce Study surveyed about 1500 organizations to understand how the shortage is impacting security and operations. Nearly 60% of respondents felt their companies were at moderate to extreme risk of a breach due to the staffing shortage. This risk is good news for cybercriminals, who are taking advantage of understaffed companies without the ability to prevent, detect and respond to attacks. A large company might take years to recover from a data breach; a small- to medium-sized company risks going out of business altogether.

Cyber Attacks Hit Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Hard

Cybercriminals target SMBs, who typically lack the cybersecurity infrastructure and trained personnel of larger organizations. Since large enterprises have more resources to recruit experienced professionals, SMBs are challenged to attract talent.

SMBs are often unable to maintain adequate and up-to-date defenses in-house against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks. Partnering with the right IT Managed Services Provider can give these businesses access to cyber specialists and protective systems they would not otherwise have.

Outsourcing Cyber Protection May Be Right for You

 Utilizing an IT services partner will ensure your company’s cybersecurity is proactively monitored and managed while eliminating the expensive and frustrating search for qualified cybersecurity professionals. While the skilled labor shortage in cybersecurity will continue, the need for cyber protection grows exponentially. Eliminate the impact of the gap on your small or medium-sized business. Contact the professionals at Roebuck Technologies to address IT needs and protect against cyber threats.

Doug Coleman

Doug Coleman

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