To outsource or not to outsource: When should cybersecurity be outsourced to experts?

To outsource or not to outsource: When should cybersecurity be outsourced to experts?

Outsourcing business cybersecurity to experts is prudent because cybercrime is at an all-time high and threats are becoming increasingly complex. With reliable cybersecurity experts managing IT system security, businesses are able to focus on core goals and projects, knowing critical business data is safe.

Below are indicators that business cybersecurity should be outsourced to experts.

No solid security framework

A security framework consists of cybersecurity guidelines and policies to protect critical data and other IT resources. Typically designed with compliance and data security regulations in mind, a security framework serves as a reference for implementing key security measures, such as how to safely handle and store customer data. When properly developed, these guidelines allow a company to effectively manage cybersecurity threats.

Many cybersecurity tools exist that provide protection from different types of cyberattack. Without a comprehensive security framework, however, a business may miss security gaps in IT systems.

No in-house IT team

Not all companies need an in-house IT department, but all companies need some form of IT support. While some employees may be able to handle common technology tasks such as troubleshooting network problems, maintaining the company website, and installing and/or updating software. However, the skills to combat the wide array of cyberthreats prevalent today require specialized training and significant time. Cybersecurity involves securing access to IT networks, detecting and preventing cybercriminals from hacking into websites and servers, keeping data safe, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and more.

Objective third-party assessments are needed

Overfamiliarity or a lack of expertise can lead employees or in-house technicians to overlook gaps in security systems. A qualified cybersecurity expert provides an outside perspective combined with necessary knowledge and skills that can prove invaluable to strengthening defenses.

A third-party assessment can offer unbiased, independent, and thorough evaluations of company cybersecurity posture. Security professionals perform risk-based and/or compliance-based assessments to provide insights into an enterprise’s specific risks and help guide with informed IT decisions for remediation.

Business industry is highly regulated

Businesses in certain industries including healthcare, government, finance, and education are subject to strict regulations and must have strong data security measures in place. For instance, healthcare companies must meet HIPAA privacy rules or risk financial and legal problems and lose customer trust. Security experts can identify and implement the appropriate cybersecurity solutions and provide technical support.

Heightened business vulnerability

Any organization that has experienced a security incident is already on hackers’ radars. And contrary to what some may believe, being attacked once does not mean a business will not be attacked again. The reverse is actually true that an organization victimized by cybercrime is likely to be attacked again in the future.

If a business has just suffered a data breach, a cybersecurity expert can minimize losses, speed recovery, and quickly bolster defenses. Outsourced IT security can help identify previously unknown vulnerabilities, ensure business continuity, and recalibrate security strategies to avoid future attacks.

Employees are unaware of security threats

Not surprisingly, business employees often have limited knowledge of cybersecurity. Additionally, in-house IT staff members can be tasked with a variety of responsibilities across so many areas that it is difficult to stay current with the landscape of ever-changing cyber threats. Leveraging IT security experts who are up-to-date with new and upcoming threats can make all the difference in keeping your business and data safe.

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Doug Coleman

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