Why does my business need managed services today?

Why does my business need managed services today?

Many businesses are unsure how to build the most effective solution to fulfill their needs for technology support – is it better to hire an individual generalist, a team of experts, or co-manage with a company that specializes in IT services? IT roles require a broad set of skills, and hiring people with the perfect combination of expertise to manage all facets effectively is nearly impossible. Moreover, maintaining a full-time, dedicated IT team is costly and does not guarantee a return on investment.

Utilizing IT Managed Services provides a structure for almost any organization to avoid constraints related to IT resources. Partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) often involves either co-managing or outsourcing IT capability, while leveraging an in-house individual or team for tasks aligned with their strengths, whether strategic or tactical. MSP services include a gamut of IT needs that range from regular maintenance and upkeep to strategic decisions around investment in new solutions and tools. Aligning a co-managed technology strategy with IT expertise yields many advantages, while reducing the costs and logistical barriers of an in-house expert or entire tech team.

The following list illustrates some of the benefits to working with an MSP:

Gain access to a dedicated professional IT team

The first advantage of aligning with an MSP is access to subject-matter experts who will take care of the organization’s IT needs. MSPs have teams composed of specialized IT professionals with extensive technical expertise and experience. With the right MSP partner, IT-related problems receive the focus and knowledge required for effective resolution.

Receive around-the-clock maintenance

Most MSPs offer around-the-clock support for IT-related issues, so businesses can enjoy 24/7 service without necessarily having to staff additional team members or endure costly overtime. Extended-hour support also ensures that IT problems arising at any time of day can be addressed promptly, mitigating negative consequences.

Allow internal staff to focus on core competencies

Businesses that do not have dedicated IT teams often have non-IT employees with some level of technical know-how to act as temporary problem solvers.

Outsourcing IT capability to a dedicated team of experts releases the non-IT employees from the interruption of technology to focus on the role they were hired to fulfill. A co-managed IT arrangement provides consistency by not only funneling IT problems to the experts, but also improving productivity of non-IT employees who would otherwise be distracted.

Improve cybersecurity and compliance

With partial or nonexistent dedicated IT capabilities, the focus of most organizational IT effort is directed toward resolving issues as they arise – often called a “break-fix” mentality. However, important issues like cybersecurity and compliance are often addressed only intermittently.

Depending on the situation, failing to proactively address IT concerns and cyber threats can cost a company thousands (and sometimes even millions) of dollars in data loss, noncompliance penalties, and reputational damage. A dedicated MSP team has the capacity and tools to include cybersecurity and compliance management as a focal point of the services provided. To position against cyberattack, consider a partnership with the MSPs that provide solutions including anti-malware, endpoint protection, network security, data backups, and cybersecurity awareness training.

Make IT spending more predictable

Another benefit of partnering with a qualified MSP is to more consistently forecast cost for IT services and budget for investments in hardware and software. Under a break-fix approach, companies are often surprised by sudden required upgrades in equipment or tools – meaning unforeseen impacts on cash flow – that could have easily been predicted with consistently reliable monitoring and consulting services provided by an MSP.

Why Roebuck is the ideal MSP

Roebuck Technologies offers premium managed IT services, leveraging deep technical expertise and emerging technology, along with reliable, professional service. By partnering with Roebuck, business leaders can rest easy knowing that IT needs are in good hands. IT issues can be detrimental, so contact Roebuck Technologies now.

Doug Coleman

Doug Coleman

Chief Operating Officer

Doug possesses over 20 years of expertise in corporate finance, information systems, logistics, supply chain management and competitive strategies. He has served in executive management not only for The Roebuck Group, but also Commercial Carrier Corporation, a nationwide transportation and logistics provider. Additionally, he served in senior management at Vology, a global value-added reseller of technology solutions. Doug earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Florida as well as a Juris Doctorate degree from Stetson University College of Law.